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Free Guide To Start A Small Business Online

This Guide Shows Exactly How You Can Start A Small Business Online That Produces Unlimited Income

Thank you for reaching out to My Free Guide to Start A Small Business Online.

I am sure you are here because you want to learn how to achieve time and financial freedom like how many people are able to do so.

In this guide, I am going to share with you the strategy I use to build my business – one that’s proven to work for many people including me. This is also one strategy that allows me to travel around the world as and when I want to.

You can jump straight to apply the strategy now by joining our community through creating a free account below.

Otherwise, please continue reading as I’ll be presenting to you a step-by-step guide and sharing with you the tools I use to grow my business so you could immediately put that into achievable action.

After going through my guide, I hope you can benefit from it and start building your first profitable small online business too.

Let’s get started!

A Little About Myself

Let me introduce myself first.

My name is Florence, I am an affiliate marketer who earn passive income by promoting products online, and a brand strategist providing marketing consultation to local businesses. I started this business when I was still a C-level executive in the previous company I worked for.

You must be wondering why do I need to start this business when I was already earning a decent income. Let’s put it this way, having a day job is not something that I want for my life because I can’t accept the fact of being tied up physically by rules created by another person.

But sometimes you just don’t have a choice… I’m sure you understand what I meant.

I love time freedom more than anything else and my dream is to travel around the world learning new things from different people. To achieve this, I am willing to put in extra hours and effort compared to what others are putting in. 

I knew my real opportunity has come the very moment I started to receive higher paycheck from my last employment. That’s when I started to save as much as possible so I can quit my 9 to 5 job and focus on my online business in time to come.

Having to work during day time and building my business at night was never easy. But to tell you the truth, I enjoy every moment running this business because I knew there’ll be one day when I will be able to achieve real freedom.

And I did it! I finally quit my C-level job and become full time affiliate marketer earning more than what I was earning from my last employment. 

FLorence Quit Her C-Level Job

The Reason I Created This Guide

Seriously, before I found this strategy which I am going to share later, like many people, I’ve spent thousands of dollars on program that promises the sky with little to no results.

Disappointments after disappointments were the only thing that I got from those low quality programs that can’t even help me put pieces together on how online business works.

After researching for some time, I finally found one strategy that works. One that has helped many people generate 5 to 6 figures income, including me. 

And this is the strategy that can safely guarantee a result as long as you put in consistent hard work.

To prevent you from making the mistakes that slowed down my progress, I decided to create this guide so you can achieve success quicker and be spared from the pain of going through the unnecessary.

Things To Consider Before You Start

Ok look, this is not a get-rich-quick scheme. There are real work involved and is hard work.

Before you even consider this proven strategy that I am going to show you later, there are a few things I need you to know.

You’ll need to have the right attitude to achieve success. To tell you the truth, you are not going to make a lot of money in a short period of time. It is not going to happen.

You must first put in hours to learn how to start the business, consistently take action following the guided lessons, and focus on doing things that can help you to achieve your goals.

Being focus is really important.

So, once you set your goals, make yourself focused.

As this strategy requires time to really see results, patience will be the last thing you ever want to lose. When you lose patience, you lose the opportunity to achieve success.

You must remember that building a sustainable business that can let you enjoy time and financial freedom requires consistent hard work, 100% focus and lots of patience.

So as the situation gets tougher, you must become even stronger. That’s the journey every successful businesses take.

Having said that, please do not worry too much as I am here to help you build your successful online business.

And there’s also a community that can help you anytime, even when all your friends are sleeping! The more help you get, the quicker you can achieve success.

My Best Strategy To
Start A Small Business Online (No Selling)

My best strategy to start online is to build a niche website to promote affiliate products.

It is where you first create a website with content targeting specified kind of customers, then build trust and authority around that topic, and finally promote products on your website so you can start to make money when someone buy. The product that you promote can be another person’s product (affiliate product) or even product from your existing business.

Many people start niche business by promoting affiliate products on their website so they won’t be required to invest upfront in buying stocks. When they managed to sell the affiliate product, they earn commission ranging from 5% to 70% on each sale. Sometimes, when there’s special day, you can even earn up to 100% commission!

Let’s say you build a niche website about how men above 40 years old can effectively lose weight in a healthier manner. So when you promote “Paleo Dieting Book” from Amazon on your site, you earn an affiliate commission when someone buys.

What you have to do is to consistently publish content that can help people solve their problem, drive a lot of traffic to that website and make people read them.

It’s just so straightforward. You don’t even need to sell.

Your job is just to help site visitors solve their problems. By doing so, they will be more than willing to buy from you without you selling anything.

What other business can you do in this world without selling?

I bet you must have hundreds of question about how to start. Before I even show you the way, let me first share with you why niche marketing is my best strategy and not ecommerce, dropshipping or social media marketing. 

Why Niche Website Works So Well

Each day, there are many people searching online to find solutions to their problem. When you have a niche website, you can offer your solution through your website so your readers can find them on Google. This is called free traffic. There’s no need to buy advertisement to get noticed at all.

But you can hardly get free traffic when selling on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. The only way you can promote your product through these social networks is by placing advertisement, and we know it’s expensive. This is the same when you setup an ecommerce store. Unless you have thousands of products to sell, otherwise your e-store won’t even be found on Google. 

The beauty of having a niche website is you just have to create content once, post on your website once, drive massive free traffics and have people buy from you everyday.

You literally do once and get paid many times. That’s why having a niche website is so important.

Can you see the income potential now?

Creating Website Is The Easiest

I bet you must be thinking how to create a website with no designing, coding or even content creation skills. 

If I am you, the last thing that I want to worry about is to create a website. It is so simple to create one and can be done within minutes!

To ease your tension, as you continue reading, I’ll be sharing with you the best website builder tool that I use to build my niche websites.

You can even build one for free now if you want to.

It’s All About Step-by-Step
Here’re the steps you need to take to build a niche business

Select Interest
Any hobby, interest, passion or even something you have no personal experience with but wanting to learn.

Build Website
Your website is your foundation and I’ll share with you the most sophisticated, highly secured hosting platform.

Drive Visitors
You are going to learn the different strategies to drive visitors to your website. Focus will be on FREE traffic.

Earn Revenue
Once you have huge number of website visitors, you can earn revenue. There are over 50 ways to monetize online!

Will I Be Able To Make This Work?

There are so many people that I know started with zero knowledge about online marketing. Some are nurses, plumber, firemen, engineers, software developer, housewife, school dropout, college students, retirees and etc.

Some can’t even write or create engaging content when they first started. But they still managed to master the skill after going through step-by-step training and now making 5 to 6 figure income.

It is really that simple, only hard work and consistently take action is required. If you have both, then I can’t find any reason you can’t do it.

If I can make this work, you can too. Here’s my story on how I managed to make 5 figure income and quit my C-level job.

How I Get Started?

Remember I told you that I’ve paid many programs that were not able to show me everything about how this e-marketing industry works?

While I continue to search for a comprehensive guide to start a small business online, I finally found one program that has helped me start my first profitable online business with minimal investment.

It is called Wealthy Affiliate.

Yes, I know the name sounds a little cheesy but after successfully quit my C-level job with the money I make after joining this program, it doesn’t matter anymore how it sounds.

Now, here’s how this program work.

Peek Inside Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate specializes to teach people how to build niche website and promote affiliate products by focusing on search engine optimization technique a.k.a. free traffic. Despite this is the core of this program, there are other training lessons they offer. 

Inside Wealthy Affiliate, I also learn how to apply email marketing, creating sales funnel and place paid advertisements on Yahoo, YouTube, Google and Facebook to scale my business. Today, with the skills learned, I provide marketing services to local business. 

This program allows me to get support from community that think alike. Therefore, starting a business with Wealthy Affiliate is never a lonely journey. There are just so many small businesses ready to lend a helping hand.

Inside Wealthy Affiliate, you will learn about,

  1. Identify the most profitable niche
  2. Find good domain for your business
  3. Build you website (does not require technical skills)
  4. Ways to quickly create high quality content that sells
  5. Get your business ranked on Google without paying for advertisement
  6. Find profitable affiliate products from readily available marketplaces

Finally make more money as you continue to build new niche websites.

Important Features

Here are a few important features inside Wealthy Affiliate that I feel you should know.

  • Step-by-Step Easy to Follow Training
  • Simple yet Powerful Website Builder (Try to create a website in 3 minutes NOW)
  • Highly Secured Web Hosting
  • Domain Registration
  • 13 Classrooms with Diverse Subset of Training
  • Weekly Live Webinars to Keep Up with Marketing Trend
  • Live Chat for Instant Support
  • Keyword Research Tool to Get Free Traffics
  • Free Starter Membership
  • Premium Membership

I hope you won’t be blown away with so much information that I’m providing you up to this point.

The fact is, Wealthy Affiliate is so comprehensive that there are so much more knowledge to take home.

To experience for yourself features of this program, I would advise you to create a free account now. It’s absolutely free with no credit card require. You can cancel anytime if you do not like it.

This is to ensure as I go into the details of this program, you are able to follow through and take action on each step as I share. Now, let’s not waste time and get into the details of Wealthy Affiliate.

Start With Trainings

The main training provided inside Wealthy Affiliate is called the Online Entrepreneur Certification. With more than 50 video lessons, it teaches you how to build a profitable niche business, promoting products from famous affiliate marketplaces such as Amazon, Rakuten Linkshare, ShareASale and CJ Affiliate to earn commission.

Every time you finish watching a video, you will be asked to complete certain task and thereafter tick on the Lesson Tasks checklist list before moving on with the next lesson.

On the first lesson, you will be briefed about the complete process of niche business before being asked to watch a 30 minute Walk Through video that walks you through the entire member’s dashboard on what you can expect to get from the program.

Then you will be asked to watch Account Set-up video so you are able to setup your membership account before moving on to the next lesson.

This step is very important so more members will be notified to help you. 

By the time you completed Level 1 of Online Entrepreneur Certification, your first website would have been created.

Creating Website Made Simple

For those who have already sign up for the free account and completed Level 1 training, I guess your first website is already up and running as you go along with what I’ve explained earlier.

If you haven’t done so, let me show you how easy it is to setup a website. You need to be inside the member’s dashboard before you can start using the website builder. It’s free. Here’s the free access.

When you are inside, first, move your cursor to the Website tab on your left, then click on the SiteBuilder. Next, follow the step-by-step instruction, before finally click on “Click Here to Build This Site” button.

Congratulations! You have now successfully created your first business website within seconds!

Isn’t it easy to setup the website?

Like I said earlier, setting up a website is the least you should worry about. Wealthy Affiliate has made it so easy for anyone who wants to create a website.

You can go straight to create your first free website here, if you want.

I hope my explanation has at least give you some assurance that setting up a website is not as scary as you thought to be.

Now let’s move on to more exciting features inside Wealthy Affiliate that can help you start a small business online

Learning Never Ends Inside
Wealthy Affiliate

There is not only Online Entrepreneur Certification course inside Wealthy Affiliate. If you are a person who want to learn more, this awesome program offers 3 other learning opportunities as explained below.

Affiliate Bootcamp teaches you how to promote Wealthy Affiliate program that can win you a trip to Vegas, with all expenses paid for. It takes longer time to see results, but it’s worth every single effort.

There are 13 Classrooms feature incredible catalogue of e-marketing training such as ecommerce, dropshipping, SEO, YouTube marketing, Facebook ads, Amazon affiliates, PPC, email marketing, and many more.

Wealthy Affiliate understands that marketing strategy is constantly evolving. In order to keep up with current marketing trend, you can watch Weekly Live Webinar by Jay on every Friday at EST time 8pm

Can you see how comprehensive Wealthy Affiliate is? There’re just so many things to learn. With Wealthy Affiliate, learning never ends.
Incredible Support

When you are stuck and need instant help, you can get help from 24/7 Site Support or start a 24/7 Live Chat. Alternatively, if you need different opinions to a question, you can post on Ask A Question.

You can even Private Messaging to the owner Kyle or Carson directly or to other members that you feel comfortable with to seek help.

It didn’t ends here.

To help your website get ranked on Google, there’s a great Keyword Research Tool provided at no extra cost to you. The image below is how it looks like. You’ll know exactly what keyword has significant searches in order to plan your content.

If you are one of those who might not feel confident about your new content, you will feel relief after hearing this.

Inside Wealthy Affiliate, there is a tool called SiteFeedback whereby you can ask for feedback about your content to get better idea on ways to improve

There are just so much more that I can continue sharing here. But I guess, it would be better if you experience it yourself.

Membership Option
There are 2 types of membership inside Wealthy Affiliate. One is the Starter membership (free) and the other is Premium membership (paid).

Starter Membership

  • No Credit Card Required to Sign Up
  • Lifetime Access to Starter Privileges
  • Premium Features Trial for 7 days
  • 2 Free Websites
  • First 10 Lessons of Online Entrepreneur Certification
  • First 10 Lessons of Affiliate Bootcamp Training
  • 2 out of 13 Classrooms
  • The Ultimate Writing Platform
  • Grammar & Spelling Perfection
  • Content Templates

With free trial, you are able to experience all the features inside Wealthy Affiliate for 7 days and thereafter you can decide whether to join Premium membership.

I’ve been a Premium member for 4 years and there is nothing short inside Wealthy Affiliate to help anyone build a profitable business online.

Premium Membership

  • 25 Free Websites with Custom Domain
  • 3,000 Themes Download
  • Highly Secured Web Hosting
  • SSL Certificate & Spam Protection
  • Accelerated (now is Extreme) Site Speed
  • 13 Classrooms to Get Optional Online Strategies
  • Full Access to Online Entrepreneur Certification (50 lessons)
  • Full Access to Affiliate Bootcamp (70 lessons)
  • Keyword Research Tool With Unlimited Searches
  • 24/7 Live Chat
  • 24/7 Site Support
  • Private Messaging Any Premium Member
  • Weekly Live Webinar
  • Your Own Authority WA Blog
  • Earn Revenue Creating Your Own Training

So basically, you have full access to everything inside Wealthy Affiliate.

Premium membership includes all the new features and upgrades that will be introduced yearly. To name some, it includes Extreme speed, SSL Security, 1 million new site content images, unlimited keyword research and many more.

You do not need to pay additional to get access to new features when you are a Premium member as this program will not upsell anything to you. That’s what I love about Wealthy Affiliate – comprehensive and complete with knowledge, tools, resources, support and an awesome community to help you start a long-term business online.

Cost of Wealthy Affiliate

The monthly cost to join Premium is $19 for the first month, thereafter $49 per month if you pay monthly.

There are people who decide to pay yearly at $359/year where your monthly rate will be reduced to $29.92/month instantly. That’s a huge savings of $229/year.

No rush to pay for Premium now as you can join Starter member for FREE.

I’ll get in touch with you and advise you on joining Premium once you are inside, that’s provided if you are ready to start your niche business.

More Reasons to Join Wealthy Affiliate

In my opinion, Wealthy Affiliate is one of the most affordable yet effective program for newbies or small businesses to learn about proven online marketing strategies, effective implementation methods and to promote future business growth.

Joining as premium member is far more valuable than the small amount you pay for. The fact that you can host up to 25 websites on this platform alone is already worth all your investment.

Here are more reasons on why you should join this awesome program.

Member First Concept

Wealthy Affiliate always have this Member First Concept in mind.

In order for more people to benefit from this program, it has not increase membership fee for almost 10 years. Upgrades made on its training, tools and infrastructure are provided to Premium members for free.  

That’s why this program has continuously proven to deliver good results. If these can’t convince you that Wealthy Affiliate practices Member First Concept, then nothing else can.

This Program Simply Works

I’ve seen many members achieve success and most are newbies when they first started. Let me share with you some real success stories.

She’s Grace, a stay home mother who started her niche website with Wealthy Affiliate 2 years ago.

When she first found Wealthy Affiliate, she knew this is the best program that can give her the opportunity to achieve financial and time freedom.

Yes, starting out is bitter, but as she continues to consistently take action, she started to see results after one year.

Now, she managed to make decent income with skyrocket results in Nov 2018, earning more than $3,500 in ONE WEEK!

That’s almost 10x increased of her weekly income.

To prove to you that the strategy taught inside Wealthy Affiliate is also evergreen, here’s one success story of VitaliyG who started to join this program 6 years ago.

Look at how much he is making in 2015 by only promoting one product!

The strategy taught inside Wealthy Affiliate has proven to work 6 years ago and is still producing results until today!

You will only make more money as you continue taking action on the business. I bet VitaliyG is making even more money now.

Can you see the income potential?

If you think this is too little for you, then I guess I really need to show you something that might blow your mind away.

I hate to show you this now as I do not want to give you false impression that it is easy to earn 7 figure income with niche website. But in order to let you see the income potential with this strategy, I had to.

Dom is just a layman like you and me. But he’s able to earn 7 figure income, starting out with Wealthy Affiliate 6 years ago and still a Premium member until today.

What he did was just to scale the business on his 4th year by forming a company, employing a team to take on time-consuming task. You too can do the same as your business grow!

So, can you see the INCOME potential now? I really hope you do.

How Much Time To Achieve Success?

I believe by now, you might be asking how much time you need to work on your niche website to achieve success.

It really depends on a few factors. But on average, I’ve seen people working full-time on their website for at least 1 to 2 years before seeing the results that they want.

Also there are unique cases like Eric Cantu and some others who managed to become super affiliate in less than a year without paying additional for advertisement.

Started as a complete newbie in Jan 2017, he managed to become Super Affiliate so fast you must be wondering what he did throughout the year.

Let me tell you this, what he did were merely to have the right attitude, consistently work super hard and never give up until he achieves success.

If you want to learn from more people who achieve quick success like Eric Cantu, you can sign up free and ask them yourself. There’s a 7 days opportunity as free Starter member to engage with Super Affiliates.

Starting out is really bitter but once you achieve success, that’s where your business fly and can potentially scaled using other proven strategies to make even more money.

Start Your Small Business Online NOW

The opportunity to start a small business online is just so near to you.

It’s really up to you whether you want to continue what you are doing now, earning from a 9 to 5 job where you are subjected to nothing but more rules, office politics and fear of losing your job; or choose to commit to a business that can creates unlimited income for you.

I chose to quit my C-level job and focus to scale my online business because I know this business can offer more, one that can give me not only financial freedom but also time and geographic freedom.

So, the choice is yours now. Do you want to …

  1. live a life where you can work anytime as and when you want to;
  2. travel around the world
    (like me) without the need to take leave from office; and
  3. having deposits into your bank account every single day even when you are not working;

If your answer to these questions is an absolute YES, then you should sign up for a Free Starter account NOW, and upgrade to Premium within your first 7 days.

Have Me As Your Personal Coach

When you upgrade to Premium, you will have me as your Personal Coach where I will give you important hacks and tips you should follow when first started.

These are important so you can avoid making mistakes along the way that can slow down your progress.

On top of that, I will also give you feedback on your progress, making right anything you are not doing correctly and directing you toward an easier path to achieve success quicker.

I will be alerted when you are inside, and will get in touch with you with a welcome message. From there, you can click on my profile florenceki to private message me for a one-on-one consultation.

You can send me a private message anytime. I am always inside member dashboard and will be there when you need my help.

I look forward to work with you and help you start your first profitable online business to achieve amazing success!

Your Success Partner
Florence Ki